Deanna Parrell

Little Italy is located in central Toronto. The area extends from the corner of Ossington Avenue and Dundas Street West to the corner of College and Bathurst Streets. The area mainly features semi-detached homes, which account for the majority of sales in this neighbourhood. However, there is also a selection of townhouses, condos and detached homes available. The area is a suitable option for families and couples.

The neighbourhood may be known as Little Italy, however it is not exclusively Italian. It is actually one of the most multi-cultural neighbourhoods in Toronto. It is home to a large Italian community, however there is also a substantial Portuguese and Asian population. There is also an array of recreational outlets available, the West End YMCA is located in Little Italy, which includes a swimming pool and a gymnasium. The area is also home to a Public Library and the First Portuguese Canadian Cultural Centre. It is a suitable option for families and couples. It is located close to public transit and has a number of quality schools in the vicinity. The area boasts a large selection Victorian style homes; that are semi-detached on quiet narrow tree-lined residential streets.